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Alpha Marathon

Alpha Marathon Film Extrusion Technologies Inc. is a world-class leader for extrusion film equipment. With over 35 years of experience in manufacturing and engineering in the plastic processing industry, we deliver a solution tailored for any customer. This is what sets us apart from our competitors. Where others are concerned with selling a line based on price, our focus is to deliver a line that has the capability to meet customer specifications.



For nearly 20 years now, we design and manufacture industrial rollers, cylinders and winding cores/mandrels specially engineered to improve your process performance: light weight, durability, high critical speed, easy installation... both for machinery manufacturers and end users.
We have built our experience on aluminium lightweight idler rollers applications with the patented Alveotubes® product line and have widened our expertise to other logistic applications for web handling and converting industries. Our Alveotubes® are used worldwide as cylinder, idler roll, web guide roller, drive roller, accumulator, contact roller, nip roller, dancer, lay on arm, calender, reel spools, roll cores ? Our range includes simple profile but also ready to run solutions with a choice of finishes and coatings.


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